Amantis verendum

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Rating: M
Word Count: 8,580
Characters: Anders, m!Hawke (mage) [Tobias Hawke]
Warnings: Psychological trauma, sexual content, and angsty horror
Summary: They have been lovers for a little over six months, but nothing is easy for Anders and Tobias Hawke, and love seems to come in equal measure with fear.

Author’s Note: This story is set in the same universe as Justice in Surrender, albeit on a slightly different timeline – kind of a what-if tangent, if you like. It’s really little more than an extended angsty/romantic drabble, so you absolutely don’t need to read both for either to make sense. 😉


Amantis verendum: I
Amantis verendum: II
Amantis verendum: III
Amantis verendum: IV


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