City Elf Gallery

A gallery of my face replacements for the City Elf Origin, now available for download. Sorry this was so slow coming out; that hard drive crash left things somewhat disorganised. This is why I don’t post to the Nexus or anything. Couldn’t organise a piss-up if I owned the brewery and had an instructional DVD on piss-up preparation. Sigh.

Anyway… City Elf Pride! Picspam follows:

If you would like to use these faces in your game, there’s a bit of a list of CC you need to download… however, if you want to use face replacements to start with, I’m assuming CC is not a problem for you. To be honest, you may well have most of these already.

CC Used:

Pineappletree’s Vibrant Colours *
Dracomie’s True Textures
from Dragon Age Redesigned
LOTC’s default replacement Eye Texture, LOTC’s Female Eyelashes, and LOTC’s default replacement Eyebrow Presets
Gizmodian Faceworks by Gizmodian and Luchaire
Character Creation Files
by Serissia
FrecklesPlus by Rekicker
Brumbek’s Lipsticks v1-2
by Brumbek, part of the Realistic Teeth mod (the teeth mod itself is not required if you prefer not to use it)
tmp’s Tucked Hair
More Hairstyles by kzelsama
DrDJs Bandit Emporium
– Character Creator Scars
FreezeDriedBrains’ Skins

And that should be everything. Put this way: I tested the faces in a game with only that content installed, and didn’t see any problems. If you do download and encounter problems, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.

Needless to say, you will need a chargen compiler in order for everything to play nicely together.

*If you’re using that, I also recommend this file, which updates missing scalp/stubble textures for PT’s hair colours, and corrects the weird ‘shiny white lines in hair’ issue that sometimes happens with toolset-created morphs.

Download: [wpfilebase tag=file id=7]

Also, bonus: Merien Tabris .mop Saved as ef_cps_p01.mop, so if you already have a replacement for the first female elf preset, you’ll need to rename this file. If not, pop it in your override folder and enjoy your own little Meri running around your game… getting knocked unconscious and falling on her backside, if you’re lucky. 😉

From the list above, Meri requires the tucked hair, PT’s Vibrant Colours, LOTC’s default replacements, True Textures, and Rekicker’s freckles.

Download: [wpfilebase tag=file id=5]

For an utterly gratuitous Merien gallery, please see Utterly Gratuitous Merien.

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