Corda Amell

Corda is my slightly snarky, socially inept mage. Her backstory has her burned in a childhood accident, and I have yet to manage a playthrough with her where at least one party member doesn’t declare her a nemesis and flounce off in a huff. She seems to have that effect on people.

That said, she is kinda fun. So, without further ado, here’s a list of fics featuring Corda:


Straining at the Leash
Rating: T/T+
Genre tags: drama, general, YA, fantasy, friendship, unrequited romance/UST
Word Count: WIP
Characters: Corda Amell, Jowan, Lily, and the cast of the Mage Origin
Summary: Two apprentice mages contemplate their future, and the changes coming to the Circle Tower. (Expanded from a codex-inspired oneshot to encompass Corda’s origin story.)

Links: | Dreamwidth | | AO3


In the Heart of the Flame

Coming soon – prequel to Straining at the Leash


Twice Burned

Coming soon – set after the endgame.


You can also download .mop and .mor files for Corda, if you would like to have her in your own Origins game. (LINK COMING SOON)