Cyrion Tabris

It’s no secret that the City Elf Origin might just be my favourite. Ahem. I’m also a big fan of Cyrion (shown here using my face replacement, in case you were wondering), so here’s a list of alienage-based fics featuring him. This started with A Father’s Regret, which shows a glimpse of the events following the origin story from Cyrion’s point of view, and ties in directly – for those eagle-eyed types who like their details – with Feasting on Dreams.

There will probably be plenty more Cyrion-based fiction showing up when I have the time, and a story following the alienage timeline and its descent into anarchy and disaster (hurrah!) – cowritten with the rather wonderful Gene Dark – is currently on the drawing board, as is a Cyrion/Adaia prequel set in the FoD universe, entitled Held by the Blade.

A Father’s Regret

1. Aftermath
2. Subtle Voices
3. Little Shadows
4. Bitter Truths

Held by the Blade

Coming soon: A Cyrion/Adaia prequel.