Dragon Age


My Dragon Age fanfic is probably best described as dark fantasy with an extra layer of mud. Warnings often apply for blood/gore, violence, and/or nudity and sex, and occasionally for disturbing themes.

(Feb ’15 – No, I don’t have Inquisition yet, because I’m broke and too busy to play properly. Yes, I will be getting it at some point and yes, it’s extremely likely there will be fic.)

A Tattered Shopping List
Rating: T  |  Length: One shot (~3300 words)
Characters: no canon characters
FF.net | AO3

Before all the unpleasantness in Redcliffe, local girl Devora muses on life, love, fish… and flatulence. A little bit of pensive silliness inspired by the Tattered Shopping List codex entry.

Letters from Redcliffe
Rating: T   |  Length: One shot (~7500 words)
Characters: no canon characters
FF.net | AO3

A young soldier receives disturbing news from home, and is forced to make a difficult decision. (Sort of a companion piece to A Tattered Shopping List.)


A Father’s Regret
Rating: M / Warnings: deals with the aftermath of graphic/sexual violence
Characters: Cyrion, Shianni, Soris, Valendrian, Valora
Length: ~19,000 words  
FF.net | AO3

After his only daughter leaves the alienage as a conscript and a criminal, Cyrion Tabris begins to examine the remnants of his life… and the secrets that have been kept from him for far too long.


Feasting on Dreams, Volume 1: The Bird that Fears the Cage
Rating: M for strong violence/scenes of sexual violence
Length: ~90,000 words
Characters: f!Tabris (Merien Tabris), Alistair, Morrigan, Dog, Duncan, Cailan etc.
FF.net | AO3

Merien Tabris never thought much about life outside Denerim’s elven alienage. But, when the foundations of her world are shattered, Meri must carve a new existence among the Grey Wardens – unaware that fate hasn’t finished with her yet. (Covers the CE Origin story up to the Battle of Ostagar.)

Feasting on Dreams, Volume 2: On Scorched Red Earth
Rating: M for violence/horror
Length: ~150,000 words
Characters: f!Tabris (Merien Tabris), Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Sten, Zevran etc.
FF.net | AO3

With the Fifth Blight blackening the horizon, Merien Tabris has a lot to learn and – if she and her companions are to have any hope of survival – she’d better do it quickly. But the road to Redcliffe is paved with secrets… and impossible choices. (Covers the events of Redcliffe and the Circle Tower.)

Feasting on Dreams, Volume 3: The White Griffon
Rating: M for violence/horror
Length: ~124,000 words
Characters: f!Tabris (Merien Tabris), Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Sten, Zevran, Dog, Wynne, etc.
FF.net | AO3

As the search for the Sacred Ashes begins, Merien Tabris shoulders the ghosts of her past, and addresses what it means to be a Grey Warden. The realities of life on the road, and her uneasy leadership, don’t help.

Feasting on Dreams, Volume 4: Waking in Shadows (WIP)
Rating: M for violence/horror
Length: WIP
Characters: f!Tabris (Merien Tabris), Alistair, Wynne, Zevran, Leliana, Morrigan, Sten, Dog, Zathrian etc.
FF.net | AO3

Merien Tabris always thought the Dalish were a myth but, faced with irrefutable proof of their existence, she begins to question her own elven identity.

The end of Vol 4 and FoD Vols 5-7 are coming soon, I swear.


Justice in Surrender (WIP)
Rating: M to AO for sex (m/m), violence, politics and insanity.
Length: TBA
Characters: m!Hawke (mage) / Anders, Varric, Isabela, Fenris, Sebastian, Merrill, Carver, Gamlen, Leandra… and the rest of the crew.
FF.net | AO3  

[DA2] All Tobias Hawke wants is to stay alive. Kirkwall is no place for an apostate like him… and definitely no place to fall in love with an apostate like Anders. He knows he should get out. Trouble is, it may already be too late.

Amantis verendum
Rating: M  |  Length: ~8,600 words
Characters: Anders/m!Hawke (Tobias Hawke)
FF.net | AO3

[DA2] They have been lovers for a little over six months, but nothing is easy for Anders and Tobias Hawke, and love seems to come in equal measure with fear.


A Canticle of Arguments
Rating: M   |   Length: ~18,000 words
Characters: Anders/M!Hawke (Tobias Hawke)
FF.net | AO3

[DA2] Tobias Hawke is just a distraction. Anders knows that—or he thinks he does—but he’s in two minds about many things… and Justice never did understand human emotions.

Ephemera (WIP)
Rating: M to AO for sex (m/m), violence & disaster
Length: TBA
Characters: Anders/Karl, Irving, Greagoir + various
FF.net | AO3

As apprentices in Ferelden’s Circle Tower, Karl and Anders forged a lasting friendship. But, once Anders is gone, Karl must seek his own freedom. Years later, as Kirkwall’s dark shadow falls across the world, fate will bring them together once more.

No Place So Far
: T
Length: ~6000 words
FF.net | AO3

After the trip beneath The Gallows, and with Ser Alrik’s blood on his hands, Anders is falling apart. Tobias Hawke is a distraction… and yet a glimpse of light in the darkness. Can Anders convince himself—or perhaps Justice—that he deserves just one chance at happiness?


Words in the Darkness
Rating: T
Length: One shot (~1700 words)
Characters: Anders
FF.net | AO3

[DA2] Anders is writing a manifesto, but it’s as much about finding some sanity within himself as it is finding the words.


Nulla pax sincera (WIP)
Rating: M to AO for violence, mildly dodgy erotic horror (m/f), and insanity
Length: TBA
Characters: Cullen, f!Surana, Greagoir, Irving & various original
FF.net | AO3

After his breakdown at the Circle Tower, Cullen is sent to ‘recuperate’ at a remote chantry in northern Ferelden. However, his recovery is haunted by memories of Ayala Surana, the elven mage who gave her life to end the Blight, and whom Cullen believes speaks to him from the Fade.


Straining at the Leash
Rating: T/M
Length: ~ 40,000 words
Characters: f!Amell (Corda Amell), Jowan, Lily, etc.
FF.net | AO3

Two apprentice mages contemplate their future… and the changes coming to the Circle Tower. Expanded from a codex-inspired oneshot to encompass Corda Amell’s origin story.


The Laurel and the Rose (ON HIATUS)
Rating: M to AO for sex (f/f), violence, and politics.
Length: TBA
Characters: f!Cousland/Leliana, Alistair, Zevran, Morrigan & all the other usual suspects
FF.net | AO3

Isobel Cousland was born to privilege, but only once she loses everything does she begin to discover what she truly wants. But will even Isobel’s ruthless nature let her destroy the woman she loves, if it means seizing the power she craves?