Leliana Face Replacement

There are some awesome Leliana faces available. This is mine… not as glamorous or dramatic as many versions, but I rather like natural-redhead-Leli, plus it’s always bugged me as to where she gets the hair dye when she’s travelling. Also, Sacred Ashes Leliana is possibly the least inconspicuous bard/assassin imaginable. This version, in my opinion, is enough of a ‘lovely seductress’ to be distracting, but doesn’t scream ‘I’m about to stab you with my bejewelled dagger’. Or… y’know. Whatever.

Anyway, this is the Leliana I’m thinking about when I write The Laurel and the Rose, though not entirely necessarily in a pervy manner. Enjoy!


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CC used is as follows:

Pineappletree’s Vibrant Colours (skin: pt_skn_c01 ; hair: pt_har_or3 ; brow/stubble: pt_stb_bn5)*
Dracomie’s True Textures from Dragon Age Redesigned (eyes: pn_eye_dracoblueice2_0d)
LOTC’s default replacement Eye Texture and LOTC’s Female Eyelashes (lashes: pf_ulm_l4b_0d)
Character Creation Files by Serissia (uh_hed_seri7_0d)
Eyebrow Presets by LOTC (default replacement)
FrecklesPlus by Rekicker (uh_tat_ed3_0t)
Brumbek’s Lipsticks v1-2 by Brumbek, part of the Realistic Teeth mod (uh_hed_brumbek_pink_0d)

*If you’re using that, I also recommend this file, which updates missing scalp/stubble textures for PT’s hair colours, and corrects the weird ‘shiny white lines in hair’ issue that sometimes happens with toolset-created morphs.

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