Morrigan Face Replacement

This probably isn’t the best Morrigan replacement face in the world (in my opinion, endeavour1934’s Sacred Ashes face is pretty damn definitive), but I thought I’d post it anyway. The idea was to land up somewhere between Sacred Ashes, concept art, and vanilla Morrigan, and I’m reasonably happy with the results, so i thought I’d share.

Two flavours to choose from, and a .mop:

v.1 Morrigan

v.2 Morrigan, sports dark and mysterious eye make-up/tattoo/whatever


Version 1:


Click to embiggen gallery pics:

[nggallery id=3]


Version 2:


Embiggen more gallery pics:

[nggallery id=4]


CC used is as follows:

Pineappletree’s Vibrant Colours (pale skin 01 and black hair/stubble 03: pt_skn_p01, pt_stb_bk3 and pt_har_bk3)*
Dracomie’s True Textures from Dragon Age Redesigned (for eyes and lip skin: pn_eye_dracomorriganeyes_0d and uh_hed_dracobronze_0d)
LOTC’s default replacement Eye Texture and LOTC’s Female Eyelashes (lashes: pf_ulm_l12b_0d)
Gizmodian Faceworks (for v.1 and v.2 only) by Gizmodian and Luchaire (uh_tat_gz1_0t)
Character Creation Files by Serissia (uh_hed_seri_0d)
Eyebrow Presets by LOTC (default replacement)

*If you’re using that, I also recommend this file, which updates missing scalp/stubble textures for PT’s hair colours, and corrects the weird ‘shiny white lines in hair’ issue that sometimes happens with toolset-created morphs.


Version 1: [wpfilebase tag=’file’ id=’3′ tpl=’simple’]

Version 2: [wpfilebase tag=’file’ id=’4′ tpl=’simple’]

.mop file (no tattoo, as per v.1): [wpfilebase tag=’file’ id=’2′ tpl=’simple’]



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