Nulla pax sincera

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Rating: M
Word Count: WIP
Summary: After the horrors of the Circle Tower, Cullen is shipped off to ‘convalesce’ in a remote chantry far from Kinloch Hold.

Jocelyn, a young initiate, tries to help the damaged templar heal, but she soon discovers that Cullen’s scars run deep, and he may never be free of the things that haunt him. When there can be no honest peace, can a wounded mind ever be whole again?

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Author’s Note: This is a vaguely experimental sort of story; one of those episodic ‘descent into madness’ things. Necessarily dark, and unlikely to be to everyone’s taste. Partially inspired by the Cullen romance mod, partially by Aoewyn’s fic, The Foolish Fancy of a Naive Boy, and partially by the fact that, whatever you try to do for poor old Cullen, things always seem to end up going Horribly Wrong.

Nulla in mundo pax sincera
sine felle;

Spirat anguis
inter flores et colores
explicando tegit fel.


In this world there is no honest peace
Free from bitterness;

The serpent’s hiss conceals its venom,
as it uncoils itself
among blossoms and beauty.

~ Nulla in mundo pax sincera, Antonio Vivaldi



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