Straining at the Leash

Rating: T/T+
Genre tags: drama, general, YA, fantasy, friendship, unrequited romance/UST
Word Count: WIP
Characters: Corda Amell, Jowan, Lily, and the cast of the Magi Origin
Summary: The Circle Tower is a hotbed of rumour and intrigue, and Corda Amell suspects something big is about to happen – but will she let her loyalty to her only friend sway her from finding out what Senior Enchanter Uldred has planned?

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A/N: The first chapter of this was originally a one-shot inspired by the Letter to Someone in Highever codex entry, but it was expanded to encompass Corda Amell’s origin story (by popular request). I don’t currently have plans to write a massive series for Corda, in the vein of Feasting on Dreams (or even Justice in Surrender, which has grown *way* beyond its original planned content!), but more of her story will come together in the fics In the Heart of the Flame and Twice Burned (links coming soon), while Gwynlian’s is touched on in A Shred of Shame (also forthcoming).



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