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Justice in Surrender

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Amantis verendum (Complete: 4/4)
Rating: M
Genre tags: sex, romance, angst, drama
Word Count: 8,580
Characters: Anders, m!Hawke (mage)
Summary: They have been lovers for a little over six months, but nothing is easy for Anders and Tobias Hawke, and love seems to come in equal measure with fear.

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Yeah, yeah, I said I wasn’t going to write DA2 fanfic. I know. Then I got irrationally annoyed by the way the romances were written (the fact the m!Hawke/Anders romance is actually better developed than the f!Hawke/Anders = awesome. The moments of execrable dialogue and the undue importance of owning a large house and having lots of money before getting into any of your companion’s pants = not so much.) and accidentally started writing Justice in Surrender

So, without further ado, allow me to present my protagonist, Tobias Hawke. He’s a mage, though pretty handy with a dagger, and somewhat given to too much boozing, whoring and navel-gazing. Justice in Surrender is the story of his pursuit of a certain rebel apostate, with a couple of AU tweaks to the in-game timeline, and a whole lot of non-canon stuff about the Mage Underground, Resolutionists, and other fun political stuff (the game mentions Resolutionists, yet allows Anders to come off as a lone whack-job. Anna disapproves -25.).

Obviously, caveats for bare bits, violence and dark themes at various points during the story. Tobias’ version of Kirkwall is a seamy sort of place, attached to a version of history where a female Cousland annulled the Circle of Ferelden, killed Connor but spared Redcliffe, and made the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the Archdemon, if you were interested.

There may well be other Hawke-flavoured fic in the offing, as and when I have time. There will be more Anders. You have been warned.

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